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Gracie's Sponsorship Page

Do you want to adopt me?  Just go to and fill out an adoption application.

Hello, my name is Gracie.  I came to the rescue after I became lost.  I have no idea where my family went.  I waited for them but they never came for me.  I am not a youngster but have plenty of life and love to give.  I was adopted and returned overweight and I have worked really to get my weight down.  So, at about 7 years old I weigh almost six pounds and should stay here or I could lose a little more weight. I am looking for a new lap to sit on and a person to carry me around to love. 
I am ok with other dogs but I do prefer all your attention. So, I confess, I would really like being an only dog.  I like cats and they make me happy.  My back knees are not good so I could not go for long walks.  They seem fine and then they just give out.  Maybe you better just carry me, ok? I know to potty outside and can use a potty pad but I need to learn how to tell you it’s time. Maybe we can work on that together? I love food so I guess we are going to have to watch what I eat, ok?  My little body can’t carry extra weight very well.  Oh, I want to love you.
I have been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is 150.00.  Just go to and fill out the application for me, Gracie. I am waiting for your arms…

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